The ELITE Program

It is important the world knows what you can do as a basketball player.

How good are you?

It’s a question we have all been asked.

By our friends, our parents, aunts & uncles, chacha-chachi, mama-mami, and grandparents.

It’s a question we ask ourselves!

Where do you even begin?

Being a basketball player in India is not easy.

You do a wide variety of things to stay in the game – daily basketball practice, strength & conditioning drills, avoiding unhealthy food, playing in tournaments.

You can handle the basketball and you can rebound.

You can shoot and you can pass.

You can defend also.

You are a player and a teammate.

You are a friend and a mentor.

You are all of this at the same time!

Existing basketball programs fail to empower you…

…to become the best basketball player you can.

They box you in – shooter, dribbler, rebounder, fast break specialist, defender.

They suppress you into a single role.

This is JAR Basketball

India’s first holistic basketball development program.
Bringing together every aspect of your identity – who you are, what you do, and how capable you are.

At JAR Basketball we are building a new system of holistic development.

Skill. Strength. Nutrition. Mindset.

A program for basketball players who want to be ELITE.

We believe in empowering you to develop your skill, build your strength, fix your nutrition, and evolve your mindset to become the best basketball player you can.

If you are interested in the JAR Basketball ELITE 12-Week Program, you can join the waitlist.