2022 JAR Basketball Sessions

Make Basketball
Your Future

Are you a Basketball…




Does this sound like you?

There are so many free basketball training videos!
Where do I start?! What do I do?!

I want to jump higher.
Do I do squats? Or do I do core exercises?

Damn! I twisted my ankle!
Do I put ice on it? How long do I rest it? Take an X-Ray?

Playing basketball makes me tired & hungry.
Can I have an energy drink? Should I have a samosa, or a banana?

I missed the game winning shot.
Maybe I am not a good player?

I really want to continue basketball.
Parents say there is no future. Should I quit, and focus on studies?

Would you like to…

DESIGN your own Basketball TRAINING Program


Prevent, Treat, and MANAGE your INJURIES

Fix your NUTRITION to maximize your energy

DEVELOP the MINDSET of an Elite Athlete

Use BASKETBALL as a PATHWAY to a Better Life

Would you like to…


JAR Basketball invites you to…

13 – 17 May, 2022

5:00 PM to 7:30 PM (daily)

INR 2,499/-

Who are the sessions for?

Basketball Players who want to improve their game and their performance. Become ELITE.

Basketball Coaches who want to help their players become better by providing more holistic training programs.

Basketball Parents who want to learn about what kind of future they can plan for their kid through basketball.

What do I get for INR 2,499/-?

Six hours of high quality expert online instruction.

Q & A with some of the best basketball experts from India.

Certificate of Completion for both Athletes, and Coaches

Lifetime Access to the recorded videos for easy reference later.

One Complimentary session with one expert of your choice.

Exclusive Discounts up to 20% to all JAR Basketball Events and Products

Meet our Experts:

Jonathan Rego
JAR Basketball
Pradyut Voleti
Dribble Academy
Freya Khatre
Sports Psychologist
Raoul Hirani
Paridhi Ojha
Sports Physiotherapist
Manav Bajaj
M&N Nutrition


Is there a discount available?


If you are a FIBA/BFI/State Certified Coach, or a current or former Indian National Team Player, you are entitled to a 25% discount on the fee.

Send us an email with a scan of your Coaching Certificate, or a proof of you playing for the Indian National Team, and we will refund 25% of your fee to you within seven days of your email.

Still have questions?
Email us at team@jarbasketball.com, and we will respond to you within 24 hours